Drainage FAQs
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Drainage FAQs

What are your opening hours?

At 1st Call Drain Clearance, we’re proud to offer a 24/7 service to our customers. Contact us day or night when emergencies arise with your drains.

What areas do you cover?

From our base in Mayfair, we cover all of Central London including: Brentford, Victoria, Marylebone, Pimlico, Mayfair, Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, SE1 Southbank, Harrow, Ealing and more. Plus, we have a base in High Wycombe that serves Buckinghamshire and the M40 corridor back into London. Contact us today to see if we’re able to help you, too.

I have spotted rats and rodents near my drains - what should I do?

In general, rats and rodents don’t live in sewers or drains, but they may use them for travelling around quickly – something our rat blocker service can prevent. If they are getting into the pipes through holes, it may mean you need your drainage system replaced. You could also contact your local Environment Health officer, who can then advise you if further investigation is needed on nearby public sewers.

How necessary is drain relining to my property?

We recognise the impact that leaking drainage systems can have on a property, so it’s highly important that any old drains with root damage are relined ASAP, instead of excavating the previous pipeline which could increase costs and downtime.

What kind of pipes can be re-lined using CIPP?

Most pipes can be relined – pipe diameter and the kind of fluid they hold are the factors that impact whether relining is appropriate. Vertical or horizontal pipes which are 0.5″ – 48″ are ideal candidates.

What are the benefits of having my drains relined?

Drain relining involves the cleaning of pipes and the patching up of any damage or holes, without costly excavation work. If you have slow draining plug holes and clogged sewers, clearing dirt and fixing the damage can get them functioning optimally again with minimal disruption.

What is drain pressure jetting?

A drain pressure jet is a piece of equipment first invented in the 1950s that dispels water rapidly through a hose due to the pressure the liquid is put under. The high-pressure water blasts can effectively remove debris that is clogging a pipe.

Is drain pressure jetting more effective than a drain snake?

Pressure jetting is generally the more effective method. Drain snakes can be useful for breaking a single clog and, if you have the tool to hand, this can be done yourself. However, a drain snake won’t do as thorough a job as a drain jet. After a good pressure jetting service, a pipe will be cleared from practically all debris build-up across its entire length, reducing the likelihood of further buildups in the near future.

Can you do drain jetting yourself?

Drain pressure jetting is a job best left to the professionals. The equipment itself is expensive and operators should undergo training before use – the equipment can be dangerous to those who are untrained.

Are drain excavation services available to residential users?

At 1st Call Drain Clearance, we provide expert and affordable drain excavation services to both commercial and residential properties in the regions of Central London, Harrow, Ealing and the surrounding areas.

What are the benefits of having an excavation completed?

Damaged drains need to be fixed or replaced, otherwise you will suffer from inefficient drains and potentially unsanitary living/working conditions. Drainage excavation is a solution to damaged drains and can be a cost-effective option if the drain is located close to the ground surface; we would also suggest excavation in cases where relining may not be possible.

What are the guarantees on drain excavations? How long before I have to do this again?

Drain excavation guarantees for new PVC pipes last for 1 year – this is because natural problems such as tree root ingress and soil conditions are always a possibility.

How do I know the blockage is coming from my property?

Ask your neighbours if they are also suffering from blocked drains or toilets. If you’re the only one suffering from blockages, it is likely that the blockage is located on your property. However, we’re able to use specialist CCTV drain surveys to determine this more accurately.

Who is responsible for unblocking my drainage system?

This depends on where the blockage is located. Is it a blocked drain on your property, a blocked private sewer or a blocked public sewer? If none of your neighbours are suffering from blocked drains on their property, it is likely that the blockage is in your drains and therefore you (or your landlord) are responsible for fixing it.

If some of your neighbours are also affected, the issue may be related to blockages in a private sewer that your properties all share – it will be your collective responsibility to remove the blockage if this is the case, unless the local water authority has adopted the private sewer. Lastly, if the issue is related to public sewers, it is the water authority’s responsibility and they must deal with it.

How does a sump pump work?

Installed below the ground at the lowest point in a cellar or basement, a sump pump reacts once a certain level of water has raised a float inside the device. This then triggers the device to pump water out through pipework, discharging the water away from your property.

Does my business need a sump pump?

If your business premises are located in an area at risk of, or prone to, flooding, then the answer is yes. This could potentially save you from having to pay out for costly repairs and closure of your operations, something that could otherwise ultimately ruin your business.

Are you able to complete emergency drainage services?

Yes – we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can answer your emergency calls around the clock, day or night.

How soon could you arrive on-site within Central London?

Due to our 24-hour service, we have a fast response time – we guarantee we’ll be on-site within two hours for key clients and 2-4 hours for all other enquiries.

Do you have a call-out charge for emergency services?

We do not charge for emergency call-outs and your quote will contain no hidden costs or extra charges.

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