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How To Avoid Common Winter Drainage Problems

The winter months are now most certainly upon us and we’ll be seeing the temperature dropping below zero on a more frequent basis. During this time our pipes and drainage systems are all vulnerable so you’ll want to keep your system working to its optimum and ensure no faults occur. If you do have a fault it can be both costly and unpleasant, leaving you without the use of certain taps and systems in your house at the worst possible time.

To help you avoid common winter drainage problems we’ve got a few handy tips for you to take into consideration.

Have Your Drains Inspected

We all know that autumn and winter brings with it a lot of rainfall and snow, it’s also the time you’re most likely to find branches, leaves and other debris blocking your drains. This is a recipe for disaster and can be so costly when your system backs up or your drains overflow outside your property.

Call in the experts to give your drains an inspection this winter and ensure they are cleared and prepared for the heavy rainfall before it happens. This preemptive action can save you money in the long run.

Insulate Your Pipes

You might be forgiven for thinking that your pipes, being hidden away, will look after themselves, but it’s because they are hidden away that they are in a vulnerable position.

You don’t often think about your pipes but once they are exposed to the cold they can freeze. Not only does this mean you lose flow but it also adds the risk of your pipes bursting if they thaw too quickly.

To tackle this problem you can insulate your most at-risk pipes and keep them warm enough to function properly throughout winter. Use some foam around the pipes – this can be purchased at most DIY stores and is relatively simple to fit.

Fix Your Leaks And Drips

While you might have been able to ignore your dripping or leaking taps throughout the summer you should not do this once it gets to winter. It’s a waste of water which will cost you in your bills but it also leads to bigger problems further down the line.

Get a professional in to look at your leaking taps and pipes to help fix this problem if you’re not confident enough yourself. If you damage your faucets further it might be irreparable.

Gently Thaw Your Pipes

Should you be unfortunate enough to encounter frozen pipes on your property it’s important you don’t panic. Pouring hot water down the drains is not the solution, this will just encourage them to thaw quickly and the clash will probably result in a burst pipe.

To thaw your pipes you need to get a warm towel and carry out the process gently. This will clear away any frozen sections without a quick reaction inside the pipe, restoring your flow and avoiding damage.


If you need your drains inspecting this winter to ensure you have a free flowing system then call 1st Call Drain Clearance today – we can even respond in an emergency.

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