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Don’t Let a Blocked Drain Ruin Your Christmas


Winter drains

The festive season is nearly upon us and it’s at this time of year when you really need everything to go off without a hitch. Timings are crucial for any cooking, while your sinks and toilets are vital for any guests in your building. Whether you’re hosting Christmas at home or you operate in the hospitality business, your drains are vital for such a busy period.

To help you this holiday season, we’ve put together a quick checklist of things to keep an eye on so that you can try and prevent drainage issues or at least minimise them.


Signs of drainage issues

Unpleasant odours – If some nasty smells are coming from your drains then it could mean there is a blockage. Over time, drains can become clogged with foodstuff and this eventually begins to give off some unpleasant odours. Using bleach regularly in your drains when cleaning can help with this, but persistent smells might need a more professional assessment.

Slow drains – When you’re using your sinks, if you notice that it’s taking a while for them to drain, it could be due to a blockage further out in your drainage system. If the issue is in the pipe immediately underneath your sink, you may be able to shift the blockage yourself, but if a simple plunger doesn’t work, we recommend seeking professional assistance to avoid damaging your sink and your pipework. 

Raised water levels – If the water levels in your toilets are higher than normal, it could point to bigger issues within your system. If you pour water into the toilet and the level rises further, then it’s a sure sign of a blockage. Do not flush your toilet at this point as it could cause water to flow out of the bowl. Instead, if you can’t see what is blocking the toilet, contact a drainage professional who will be able to establish the cause and recommend the right course of action.

Gurgling sounds – Sinks, toilets and drain pipes are prone to making strange noises from time to time, but a consistent or regular gurgling can be a sign of water getting held up somewhere in the system. While it might not seem an immediate issue, it will no doubt get worse if left unchecked. We recommend getting a drainage engineer in to investigate this further to avoid water backing up in your system and ruining your Christmas!

As well as monitoring the above, we’d also recommend taking a look at our tips for preventing blockages in winter, something we covered in a previous post.


Professional drain unblocking

1st Call Drain Clearance & Technical Services Vans

While it might seem tempting to try and rectify issues with your sinks and toilets yourself, it’s ill-advised. This is because, unless you’re absolutely sure of the cause and how to treat it, you risk damaging the system, making the blockage worse or unwittingly bringing wastewater into the property. 

At 1st Call Drain Clearance & Technical Services, we know how important it is for your business to keep operating at this busy time of the year. That’s why if you spot any of the issues mentioned in this post, we offer 24-hour emergency drainage services. This means we can be with you at any time of the day or night to provide sink, toilet and drain unblocking. We can even conduct a CCTV drainage survey if the issue with your drains isn’t clear – from here we can work more swiftly to tackle the issue and get you back in business.

Take preemptive action for the drainage on your property this winter – call our expert engineers today and we’ll attend anywhere in Central London, Harrow, Ealing and the surrounding areas.

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