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FAQs: How Long Will It Takes to Complete Repairs?

When it comes to drainage repairs, there are several ways of both locating and fixing the problem at hand. You will no doubt have heard some of the phrases mentioned in this article before; you may even have seen the services carried out, but generally the public are ill-informed when it comes to how these tasks are performed and how long they should take.

To ensure that you’re getting the right service, we’ve put together a rough guide to each of the key practices and the questions people ask when making enquiries, helping make everything more understandable for you.

What is a CCTV drain survey and how long does it take?

Using a range of expert equipment, our team can pass a small camera down through your drains whilst watching the images on a monitor. This allows them to explore your drains and pipework to find any blockages, root ingress or damage. The quicker we can establish the cause of the problems, the quicker we can fix them.

Of course this can depend on how much pipework and drainage you have. The greater the size of your drains, the longer it can take to locate a problem, especially if you are unsure which region the fault lies in. An average survey of 2 to 3 manholes can take around 2 hours. In this time we will ensure that the root of your problems is discovered and that the right action is recommended to you.

How long does drain jetting take?

Once again, the length of time will vary for drain jetting. If you have several points in your system that need to be jet blasted, then it will no doubt take a little longer. Based on the assumption that a team of two engineers will be carrying out the work on 2 or 3 manholes, we estimate this could take 2 hours. We will ensure that any blockages and build-ups are fully dislodged and washed away.

What is drain relining and how long does it take?

Drain relining is the process of bonding a new drainage lining to your existing one, restoring your drainage system in full and creating a new protective layer. If we can get good access to your drains we can complete drain relining in around 4 to 6 hours – this is based on an average length of 10m being relined to cover all damage inside the pipework.

What is drain excavation and how long does it take?

Excavation is exactly how it sounds – when a drain has sustained damage and requires repair or replacement we excavate the ground to reach the pipework. This is one of the more extreme measures and, depending on the material of the ground, the drain depth and location, the length of the operation can vary, with an average time of 4 to 6 hours, including the repair, backfill and clean-up of the excavation.

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