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The Future of Sustainable Drainage Solutions

We all know the devastation which heavy rainfall can cause, even if we’ve never been a victim of floods ourselves. The rising of rainwater around your doors can be a grave cause of concern for people and there is only devastation left behind in its wake.

The trouble stems from an outdated drainage system and the rapid growth of urban areas. By covering up a lot of our open spaces with impenetrable layers of concrete and tarmac, we prevent the rainwater which comes with heavy, flash floods from draining away. Where the ground would usually have soaked up the majority of the rain it now collects on our roads and cascades down the streets or sits, rising until it reaches our buildings.

Now, with flooding becoming more common in built-up areas the government have introduced SUDS – or Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems – for new developments. The following are a few of the key ways in which it’s hoped we can tackle heavy rainfall.

Green Roofs

You may have heard about green roofs and dismissed them as being the latest fad in the “green” community but, alongside the environmentally friendly advantages they pose, they also present a sustainable drainage solution in areas where there are mainly houses and no green spaces. A green roof, with its plants and soil will help to soak up far more water, preventing it from simply being flushed into the drains. Once installed there is little which needs doing and you will be providing nature with a new home.

Rainwater Harvesting

We generally tend to direct all out rainwater down the drains and away from our homes, but when it begins to slosh back up against our doors it might be time to re-think the way we use rainwater. By collecting the rainwater as it falls you can put a real dent in how much of it fills your drains. Once caught, you can use it for your gardening, car washing or even in your toilet and washing machine in the home.

Permeable surfaces

The rainwater needs somewhere to go as it can’t drain through tarmac. The alternative is to introduce permeable surfaces where water is allowed to get to the soil or earth underneath. By letting the ground naturally absorb the water through a gravelled surface we can reduce the amount which builds up in roads, streets and on our property.

Ponds, Ditches and Wetlands

By creating a range of ponds and ditches when planning any new developments we can help to divert the flow of water away from homes and prevent flood damage. Once the drainage systems have cleared enough to cope the water can then be released into the usual system.


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