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High Pressure Cleaning: Drain Jetting Benefits

A blockage in your drainage system is always a nasty, stubborn problem which most homeowners don’t have the equipment to tackle. You can ignore it and hope it goes away, but in all likelihood it will only get worse; you risk sewage water flowing back into your home causing bad smells and presenting a threat to your hygiene. One of the best ways to tackle any blockage or build up in your system is to have drain jetting carried out; there are many benefits to this service and it has become a vital weapon in the maintenance of drains and sewer systems.

In this article we explain the main benefits of drain jetting and why so many people utilise this efficient and effective service.

Quicker that other methods

With high pressure cleaning you can rest assured that any blockage or grime in your pipework will be cleared far quicker than if you were using any other method. Simply trying to prod and poke a blockage out of your drains is a tedious and tiresome effort, while complete excavation of your drains means lots of time spent digging and then refilling the hole made on or around your property.

The average drain jetting timescale depends on how many different sections you need jetting. On average, cleaning 2 to 3 manholes can take up to two hours, after which you’ll have free flowing drains once again. A CCTV survey can cut the time it takes to locate the blockage and helps to get the job done quicker.

Excellent results

As mentioned in our previous point, the results which drain jetting offers are far better than those of the traditional dislodging techniques. While excavation allows you full access to the pipes to do a thorough job, the high pressure water jets perform much the same function without all the hassle. The results are immediate with drain jetting, giving you back the natural flow of your drains without any delay.

Your drains will be clear and clean

If you know you have a blockage then the main thing you’ll be worried about is getting it moved and out of your system. But clearing the blockage may only be part of the problem, due to the amount of things we send down our drains there can be a stubborn build up coating the pipes underground. Tissues, oils, fats and coffee grounds can all create a sticky environment to either accumulate more mass or trap bigger items. With drain jetting the inside of your pipes can be cleaned at the same time due the multi-directional, high pressure water stream. This prevents future blockages and gives ultimate drainage for your property.

No Damage

Because there are no heavy duty instruments involved and because jetting only uses water, there is no damage to your pipes. No bumping and bashing, no digging or drilling, simply a blast of water to remove muck and grime to leave clear pipes for your home or business.

This means you won’t have to have other services performed to restore your drains after the procedure is carried out, giving you one less monetary headache to deal with.


If you would like to learn more about high pressure drain jetting or you require the services for your property, then contact 1st Call Drain Clearance today. We’re experts in drain jetting to clear blockages and clean pipes so simply call our professional team today.

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