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How Will Your Local Drainage Company Help You This Christmas?

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This Christmas, you’ll want to be fully focused on the festivities. Whether that’s food and drink with the extended family, hosting a party for friends or just getting cosy with some holiday-themed television and a box of chocolates, what you definitely don’t want is a drainage emergency.

If, however, your home or business should be faced with drainage issues before or after Christmas, you need look no further than your local drainage company, 1st Call Drain Clearance & Technical Services. Here are just a few of the winter and Christmas-related drainage issues we can help with so you can enjoy this festive period.

We’re here for you if:

You have cracked, broken or frozen drains

Plummeting temperatures can quickly create drainage issues. Whether they simply become blocked or they crack and break under the pressure of fluctuating temperatures, you need professional assistance in this scenario to prevent leaking drains and backed-up sinks/toilets. We’re always here for you when you have any drainage problem — just give us a call, tell us what’s going wrong and we’ll arrange an appointment with you.


You have poured too much cooking grease and fat down your drains

Grease, oil and fat from cooking over the festive period will undoubtedly lead to blocked drains and a blocked sink if you’re pouring it down the plug hole. This is because it cools and congeals in your pipes and drains, compacting with other debris and creating a blockage that cannot be moved without professional drain jetting and cleaning.

Don’t take the risk this Christmas! Recycle all your grease and oil via dedicated schemes — or call us if you think your drains might already be clogged by this culprit.


You have leaves blocking your drains

The autumn leaves have nearly all fallen by this point, but they tend to linger in gardens and roads, eventually blocking either the entrance to your drain or creating a blockage within the drain itself as they get carried there by the rain. You can try to prevent this and remove leaves as they begin to accumulate, but if your drains have already become blocked internally, contact our friendly team who will be happy to carry out the unclogging of blocked sewers. Keep everything flowing this festive season, including your drains!


You have old pipework deteriorating

When was the last time the pipework for your building – internal and external – was updated? If you can’t remember or if the answer is ‘never’, then you might want to keep a close eye on things during winter. The colder weather can start to see different parts of your system fail, something you don’t need right now. 

Have a professional inspection of your property’s drains with a CCTV drain survey and we’ll be able to recommend any remedial work required to put your mind at ease. Smaller repairs and maintenance tasks are easier to arrange – and likely more affordable – than emergency drainage issues.


You have guests staying over putting strain on your system

It’s pretty common to have more guests at this time of year, but this can put additional pressure and strain on your drains. From sinks and showers to toilets, everything sees more use and, particularly for older properties, this can result in blocked toilets and blocked drains. Make sure any guests are informed about what can and cannot go down your toilet – no wipes, for example – to try and stave off any issues.

If you do have a blocked toilet, never fear, we’re here for you to provide dedicated services and put your household or business back in order.

We hope that your festive period isn’t disrupted or spoiled by any of these issues, but don’t forget that you have our specialist team on your side in Central London, Harrow, Ealing and Brentford if anything does happen. Call us today for any emergency drainage issue, from blocked drains outside to blocked kitchen sinks inside.

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