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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Drainage Expert

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There are so many things we take for granted these days, but our drains have to be one of the most important things that we’ve long forgotten to pay attention to. By quietly removing wastewater from your property and diverting rainwater away, we’ve simply become accustomed to them doing their job.

But what if it doesn’t? Do you know the signs that indicate a larger drainage problem? By ignoring the warning signs, you’re simply putting it off and leaving yourself open to even bigger problems further down the line. If you run a business, you could have to close and lose trade, and if you’re a homeowner, it puts the health of your family at risk.

This month, we’re going to outline five main reasons you need a drainage expert. If any of the following applies to your property, then don’t delay — talk to our professional drainage team covering London, Central London, Harrow and Ealing.


Slow Drains

If you notice that water is slow to drain through your sinks, bath, shower and toilet, then it’s a sure sign of a larger problem somewhere in your drainage system. If it’s only one sink, you might just need to unblock that one area internally, but if the system is blocked further along underground, you’re going to need drain unblocking services from a professional.

Leave this issue unchecked and not only are you waiting forever for the water to drain, but before long you might find it doesn’t drain at all, or worse, it overflows in unexpected places!


Smelly Drains

The signs of drainage issues aren’t always visible; sometimes it’s an offending smell that gives things away. Often likened to rotting eggs, a smell from any drain in your property is off-putting simply by itself, but it also points to bigger issues within your system.

Since your drains all connect with a public sewer system, it’s probably not something that can be solved with a hit of bleach down the plughole. Regular maintenance and drain clearance is a great way to ensure your drainage system is kept clear and fresh, especially if you’re running a business where your bathroom facilities are important for paying guests.


Rat Infestation

Spotting rats on your property means it’s ‌likely they’re using your drainage system to travel in some way. But often you might not see rats themselves; you might instead notice droppings, chewing marks or holes in walls, all sure signs of an infestation.

Since they have flexible spines, rats are capable of squeezing through pipes and drainage networks, posing a huge health risk. To tackle this and find out which area of your drainage system the rats are using, we recommend a CCTV drain survey followed by a rat blocker installation where appropriate.


Sunken Ground

It’s hard enough to maintain a garden without portions of it sinking and becoming boggy. A clear sign of a collapsed drain, you should contact a local drainage company as quickly as possible to rectify any damage within your system.

Without tackling the problem head on, you’re only likely to see more of your garden become ruined. You’ll probably also notice that it affects the performance of the drainage from your property from the inside as well.


Overflowing Drains

We all know that water overflowing from the drains outside your property isn’t normal, so why put off calling out the experts? Whether you see water bubbling gently out of the grate or gushing at an alarming rate, there is clearly an issue with your pipework in the system. It could be as simple as a blockage that needs to be cleared or something more complex, but the quicker you act, the more you’ll be able to minimise the long-term damage.

No matter which drainage service you need for your home or business, look no further than our professional engineers here at 1st Call Drain Clearance & Technical Services. Providing everything from drain unblocking to emergency drainage services, we’re always on your side wherever you are in Central London and the surrounding areas.

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