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Water-Saving Tips for the Home

The summer of 2020 is set to be hot and dry and has led to circulating rumours of a possible hosepipe ban. Whether this materialises or not, limiting water usage at home is a great way to save energy and money, while also helping out the UK during the summer months. 


In this article, we explore practical tips and tricks to save water at home and describe why it’s so important to conserve water whenever you can. 

How to save water at home 

We’re lucky enough to live in a country with clean running water, and so we naturally want to use it wherever possible – but truth be told, we can live very comfortably using far less water and actually save ourselves some money in the process. So here are some easy ways to engage with water-saving in the home. 

  • Garden smartly: With most of the nation in their gardens during lockdown, many are taking the chance to give their outdoor spaces a little TLC. However, this doesn’t mean cracking the hosepipe out. Instead, opt for a watering can. 
  • Short showers over baths: At the peak of summer, many people are washing more regularly – sometimes multiple times a day to ward off clamminess. However, instead of long leisurely baths or showers that use a lot of water, a short, efficient shower will give you the cleanliness you need while freshening you up on a hot day. 
  • Car washing with a bucket and sponge: Lockdown has seen cars across the country remain stationary, gathering debris and dirt. It might be all too tempting to switch on the hose, but to conserve water, a bucket and sponge can do just as good a job – and may also be a chance to get the kids involved for some family fun. 
  • Install a water butt: The UK is known for its changeable weather, and even in summer we experience regular downpours. Take advantage of this by installing a water butt on your property which will divert rainwater from your drainpipe to your water butt – from this, you can collect water for washing a car, gardening or watering house plants. 
  • Install a cistern water displacement device in your toilet: This works to reduce the volume of water used when flushing, so check with your local water supplier who may be able to provide you with one. 
  • Fix leaky taps: If anything in your house is leaking, the water it wastes can soon add up. It’s therefore worth getting a professional to take a look and fix the issue. 
  • Consider a water meter: If you don’t have one already, consider opting for a water meter. This system means you pay for exactly how much water you use, which may be the motivation you need to cut back. 

Why does saving water matter? 

Saving water is much easier than you think and is worth it for two big reasons: 

  • It reduces energy usage: Water production and pumping use energy. Reducing energy not only has a positive effect on your bills, but also the environment. Unbeknownst to most people, the world’s water supply is limited, and with pollution threatening the clean natural water we do have, it’s becoming ever more important to save every drop. 
  • It saves money: Following on from the above point, the less energy used, the more money saved. If you’ve pursued our previous tip of having a water meter installed, you will ultimately pay less on your energy bills when making efforts to conserve water in the home.  

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