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How To Avoid Common Winter Drainage Problems

The winter months are now most certainly upon us and we’ll be seeing the temperature dropping below zero on a more frequent basis. During this time our pipes and drainage systems are all vulnerable so you’ll want to keep your system working to its optimum and ensure no faults occur. If you do have a fault it can be both costly and unpleasant, leaving you without the use of certain taps and systems in your house at the worst possible time. To help you avoid common winter drainage problems we’ve got a few handy tips for you to take into consideration….

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A Complete Guide to CCTV Drain Surveys

We are frequently asked what the most common elements or what the process of a CCTV drain survey entails. To help out with any questions you may have before you pick up the phone we’ve compiled these into a helpful infographic. For more in depth information you can also read our written guide found here.

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What Is A Pre-Purchase Survey?

When buying a home, the drains are not the first thing you might think about. They’recompletely hidden from your view and you’ll probably be more interested in the immediate condition of the house and your plans for a future there. However, the optimal function of your drains is key to your home and can be vital to any prospective purchase. Spotting Potential Issues Before A Purchase There are several ways in which your drains can be compromised, including through blockages, root ingress, cracked piping and collapsed drains. These are the kinds of things which would be a problem for anyone but…

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Do I Need a Plumber or a Drainage Contractor?

Any home will encounter some kind of water issue at some point or another, there are so many appliances, pipes and sewage points on every property that it’s inevitable. When these instances arrive – whether it’s a leaking tap or a backed up toilet – you’ll need to know exactly who it is you need to call in to take care of the problem. In this handy guide we’ll detail the situations in which you need a plumber and which require a drainage expert, helping you to save time and money by bringing in the right kind of expert. Who can…

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The Future of Sustainable Drainage Solutions

We all know the devastation which heavy rainfall can cause, even if we’ve never been a victim of floods ourselves. The rising of rainwater around your doors can be a grave cause of concern for people and there is only devastation left behind in its wake. The trouble stems from an outdated drainage system and the rapid growth of urban areas. By covering up a lot of our open spaces with impenetrable layers of concrete and tarmac, we prevent the rainwater which comes with heavy, flash floods from draining away. Where the ground would usually have soaked up the majority of…

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High Pressure Cleaning: Drain Jetting Benefits

A blockage in your drainage system is always a nasty, stubborn problem which most homeowners don’t have the equipment to tackle. You can ignore it and hope it goes away, but in all likelihood it will only get worse; you risk sewage water flowing back into your home causing bad smells and presenting a threat to your hygiene. One of the best ways to tackle any blockage or build up in your system is to have drain jetting carried out; there are many benefits to this service and it has become a vital weapon in the maintenance of drains and sewer…

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Actions To Take If Flooding Hits and Your Drains Are Affected

Your drains and sewers are important to the effective running of your home and a potential flood can put all of that at risk. While they are robust systems, they can often have their weaknesses and flooding all but defeats the average drain. In this article we will be giving you some helpful tips for when a flood hits your drains.   Before The best way to help your drains is to be ready for a flood. You can find out vital information about when and where floods are due to hit by getting regular updates from television and radio, the…

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FAQs: How Long Will It Takes to Complete Repairs?

When it comes to drainage repairs, there are several ways of both locating and fixing the problem at hand. You will no doubt have heard some of the phrases mentioned in this article before; you may even have seen the services carried out, but generally the public are ill-informed when it comes to how these tasks are performed and how long they should take. To ensure that you’re getting the right service, we’ve put together a rough guide to each of the key practices and the questions people ask when making enquiries, helping make everything more understandable for you. What is…

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What is a CCTV Drain Survey

When you hear the phrase CCTV you don’t usually think of there being such a thing for drains. CCTV is usually reserved for shops and places in cities where crime is prevalent. However, with some state of the art technology, there is now a way to get CCTV for your drains – not to monitor crime, but to survey the insides of your pipes and sewers to ensure that they are stable, clean and operating properly. What is it and how is it done? Using a range of expert and specialised equipment, a team of professionals can spot any problems and…

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