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The Future of Sustainable Drainage Solutions

We all know the devastation which heavy rainfall can cause, even if we’ve never been a victim of floods ourselves. The rising of rainwater around your doors can be a grave cause of concern for people and there is only devastation left behind in its wake. The trouble stems from an outdated drainage system and the rapid growth of urban areas. By covering up a lot of our open spaces with impenetrable layers of concrete and tarmac, we prevent the rainwater which comes with heavy, flash floods from draining away. Where the ground would usually have soaked up the majority of…

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A Brief History of The British Sewage System

We’ve come a long way in terms of how we manage our health and waste. For a long time the connection between hygiene and health was not made and therefore life expectancy was very limited indeed. As humans we produce waste, so wherever we settle there is bound to be waste as a natural by-product, this means we need a removal system to avoid disease spreading rapidly through highly populated areas such as Central London and other hubs. The first period in which we made real progress is during Tudor times. With an influx of diverse people and produce, the creation…

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