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The Most Common Toilet Faults

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The Most Common Toilet Faults

The humble toilet is the quiet hero of the home, offering a way to quickly, cleanly and discreetly dispose of human waste – without them we’d have some serious issues. Despite being such a vital part of the home the toilet is not indestructible. There are plenty of perplexing ways in which your toilet can develop a fault, leaving you in something of a bind.

While most situations will warrant a visit from a trusted, qualified technician, it’s always helpful to know what is going wrong in your toilet when a fault develops. Take a look at some of the most common toilet faults to quickly identify your fault.

My Toilet Is Running Constantly

If you can hear your toilet constantly filling and running then this would indicate that your float valve in the cistern is not giving the signal for the water inlet to shut off. The floating arm needs to rise to a certain point for the water to shut off or you will be constantly wasting water and running up your bills.

Another reason your toilet might constantly be running is if your flapper valve – the area which lets water out of the cistern and into the bowl – is damaged. If you can assess which of these problems you have that is great – but don’t worry if you can’t or if you’re unsure as a plumber will be able to check this out for you.

My Toilet Is Blocked And Won’t Drain

Most people will have come across this particular problem before, with something blocking the bowl from draining. If this is an issue with too much waste, toilet paper or inappropriate items being flushed you should be able to dislodge the blockage yourself with a plunger or toilet snake apparatus. However, if the issue seems to be compounded across your property then your drains outside could be blocked and this will require professional drain unblocking. A CCTV survey can help to locate the blockage while drain jetting is one service which can clear out your drains.

My Toilet Has A Weak Flush

More often than not, a toilet will have a weak flush because the cistern isn’t filling up with enough water to clean the bowl. There could be several reasons for this, from blockages in the water ports in your bowl which are easily cleaned, to issues with your floating arm or the chain to the flapper valve – the latter of which might prove slightly more complicated. If you think your flapper or floating arm are damaged and are preventing the tank from filling you may need replacement parts.

Water Is Leaking From The Tank To My Floor

Should you discover water on your floor you will need to act quickly to prevent the problem escalating. The water could actually be coming from several places, including your tank, so it is always best to get the opinion of an expert before you attempt to take apart your toilet. Whether it’s a loose water connection or a leak in the base of your toilet, a professional will be able to assess this is you can’t find the source of the leak to prevent it yourself.

If your toilet is blocked and you fear it might be an issue with the drainage on your property then call our expert team at 1st Call Drain Clearance. We’ll be happy to attend your site and help resolve your issue.



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