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Is Drain Jetting the Right Solution for Me?

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Is Drain Jetting the Right Solution for Me?

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If your drains have become blocked, then it is important to address the issue or you run the risk of more damage being caused. 

There are various methods you can use to clear your drains, including drain jetting – a service we offer here at 1st Call Drain Clearance. 

As experts in all types of drainage issues, we know how to resolve them and offer our drain jetting services across London.

If you’re unsure of what drain jetting involves, or whether it’s the right solution for you, then we’ve put together a handy guide to keep you informed.  


What is Drain Jetting?

Drain jetting is a technique to unblock and clean drains and sewage lines. It uses high pressures of water directed into the clogged areas, which is designed to move the blockages from the affected areas, ensuring the pipes are clear once more.

As well as helping to remove blockages and keep your drains clean, it’s often a good idea to carry out drain jetting as a way of preventing clogs from occurring. The power of the water can clean the surface of the pipes, meaning it will be less likely for grime, waste products and oils to gather and become a blockage in the future.     


How Does Drain Jetting Work?

Drain jetting is the best technique to eradicate stubborn, awkward blockages in your drainage system. Water is pumped from a tank into a high-pressure hose which allows the operators to target the strong jet directly into the blockage. 

Most hoses are also flexible enough to bend through and around pipes, so even blockages deep in the system can be addressed.     


Is Drain Jetting for Me?

If you’re experiencing a blocked drain, then drain jetting is one of the best ways to address the blockage and prevent any further damage from being caused. 

There are a number of warning signs to look out for that point to a drain blockage. 

They are:

  •  Unpleasant smells coming from drains or plugholes 
  • Sinks and showers take longer to drain
  • Overflowing drains outside
  • Gurgling sounds when flushing toilets or emptying a sink 

If you notice any of these behaviours coming from your drains or bathroom, then there is a good chance you have a blockage. Drain jetting is a great way of sorting out these issues and is something to be considered if your home starts to exhibit any of these signs. 

Our team at 1st Call Drain Clearance are experts in drain jetting. We offer a professional and reliable water jetting service throughout London and are experienced in unblocking all kinds of drains. 

For more information on how we can help, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to help. 



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