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Signs of Collapsed Drains

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Signs of Collapsed Drains

Drainage issues can be inconvenient at best, and a serious risk to health and safety at worst. While our drains will experience normal wear and tear over time, with small cracks sometimes needing repairs, a collapsed drain is one of the worst things that can happen. It’s crucial that a collapsed drain is rectified as quickly as possible, so we’re going to tell you how to spot a collapsed drain, so you can react quickly. 



Poor drainage

If you notice that your sink has suddenly stopped draining quickly, that your toilet doesn’t use much water when it flushes or that water takes a long time to leave your bathtub, then there’s a blockage somewhere. A number of things can cause blockages, and a collapsed drain is one of them – if you notice poor drainage in your property, then you should arrange for a CCTV survey so that a professional can properly inspect the issue. 



When a pipe has collapsed, the water that would usually flow through the drain may instead flow into the ground around the broken area. If this is the case, then you may notice spots of damp on your walls or your floor. If you notice damp around our home, then it’s worth calling a professional so they can ascertain the source of the issue and it can be repaired. 



If you can hear the deeply unnerving sound of scurrying in your walls, your ceilings or under the floor, you may well have a rodent presence. Rats and mice can find their way into your property through a number of methods, but one such point of entry is a collapsed drain. Collapsed drains are easy for rodents to infiltrate, and once they’re in your pipes it can be quite hard to get them out again. If you hear scurrying in your drainage system, call a pest control company to resolve the issue and contact a professional drainage company to inspect and fix your drain. 


Sewage smells

If you detect the deeply unpleasant smell of raw sewage, then this is the sign of a serious issue with your drains. A drain unblocking service may solve this issue, but if the smell returns even after unblocking your pipes, then a collapsed drain is likely the cause. Exposure to raw sewage can be very dangerous, so it’s crucial that you contact a professional drainage company immediately before the problem worsens and you’re faced with raw sewage backing up into your home. 


While it’s helpful to remain calm and pragmatic when it comes to issues in your drain, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance if you think there’s a problem. Contact a professional, reliable drainage company like 1st Call Drain Clearance to inspect your drains and efficiently resolve the problem. From CCTV inspections to Drain Pressure Jetting and Drain Clearance, our expert team can provide a range of services to the highest standard. Contact us today to find out more. 



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