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Who is Responsible For Drain Maintenance?

Whether your sewer is blocked or your drains are backed up it is an unpleasant and troublesome problem to fall victim of. It’s obviously not a nice job for anyone to have to sort the problem out and one of the main controversial points which arise is centred on whose duty it is to carry out the maintenance. Who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining your drains, is it the local water authorities or your own? There are several types of drains on and around your property and each performs a different function. The three main kinds of drains are private…

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Top 5 Domestic Drain Unblocking Methods

Across the UK there are daily struggles occurring in the drains, sinks and plugholes of homes. This is the endless struggle against blockages and obstructions in the pipework, having a detrimental impact on the whole drainage system if it’s severe enough. You’ll know when you’re about to get a blocked drain because of the smells and slow draining in your sink. It can be easy to forget and put off until you reach crisis point, but there is no reason you should suffer and in the end you could be making more hard work for yourself. There are a number of…

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A Brief History of The British Sewage System

We’ve come a long way in terms of how we manage our health and waste. For a long time the connection between hygiene and health was not made and therefore life expectancy was very limited indeed. As humans we produce waste, so wherever we settle there is bound to be waste as a natural by-product, this means we need a removal system to avoid disease spreading rapidly through highly populated areas such as Central London and other hubs. The first period in which we made real progress is during Tudor times. With an influx of diverse people and produce, the creation…

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