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What to do About Tree Roots in Drains

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What to do About Tree Roots in Drains

Tree roots growing into your drains, also known as tree root ingress, is a common and potentially costly problem that can befall any property with trees in its grounds. If you catch it early, the problem can be fixed before it worsens, but if you don’t notice root ingress before it’s too late, then it can wreak havoc on your drainage system. In this article, 1st Call Drainage are going to let you know what you can do about tree roots in drains.



What causes tree root ingress?

Roots are constantly looking for nutrients, and the moisture from our drains attracts said roots. As the roots reach our drains, they needle and squeeze their way through cracks and weak areas until they’re growing inside the drainage system itself. As drains develop cracks and wear down over time, there are often plenty of places where the roots can infiltrate the system.


Where do roots get into our drains?

Roots often infiltrate our drains through joints in the pipes. It’s common for drainage joints to be made from sand and cement, and roots can get through these quite easily. Roots can also get in through cracks in the drains, and once they’re in, they continue to grow. As they grow, the cracks worsen and the damage to the pipes becomes more and more severe. 


How do you repair root ingress?

The damage caused by root ingress can vary from aesthetic issues to serious problems that require significant repairs and even replacement. 

Firstly, a CCTV survey should be carried out in order to establish the cause and severity of the problem – once the survey has been completed, the plan of action can be created. 

If the damage isn’t severe – by this, we mean if the joints haven’t been irreparably damaged – then the root can be cut and removed, and the drain can be relined. Relining the drain will seal out any holes or cracks in the drain, it’s non-destructive and it’s quicker than other repairs or replacing the drain entirely. 

Where your drain joints have been displaced, your piping might have to be excavated for repairs. If the damage is severe, then the drain might need to be replaced. If this is the case, then the drain will be excavated and a new one will be installed. In addition to repairing the drain itself, the offending tree or plants can be removed – in certain cases, doing one or the other won’t solve the problem, so fixing the drain and removing the source of the issue is often recommended. 

If you feel your drains may be subject to root ingress; if you’ve noticed slower water flow or leaks in your drains, then contact a professional drainage specialist to inspect your piping so they can ascertain and fix the problem. 


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