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The 1st Call Drain Clearance & Technical Services Drainage Process

Ways to remove odours and buildup

Pour a baking soda and white vinegar solution down your drain to remove deposits, buildup and stains 1

2 Carry out regular preventative drain treatment with a biological cleaner to flush pipes and eliminate odours

Removing clogs

Use a plunger to dislodge and clear clogs in sinks, baths, or toilets 1

2 A barbed drain cleaning tool effectively removes hair clogs; simply insert into the drain and pull out - the barbs will catch hair and built up debris

High pressure water or air powered drain cleaning equipment will blast clear drain blockages 3

4 Grease blockages can be eased clear by wrapping a heat pad around the sink’s trap pipe whilst running the hot water with some dish soap

Use a biological drain cleaner to clear partial clogs and slow drains, ensuring you give it sufficient time to work, as directed by the packaging 5

Professional drainage help

1 Call a professional from 1st Call Drain Clearance to locate and fix the problem

We operate 24/7, making us ideal for emergency call-outs 2

Generally, if the drain or sewer is within your property’s boundaries, it is your responsibility.

A drain or sewer which is off your premises, or collects sewage from properties other than just your own, is usually the responsibility of your water company.

If you aren’t connected to a main sewer - instead using a septic tank, treatment plant or cesspool - or you are connected to a privately owned sewer, you will be responsible for repairs. If numerous properties connect to such sewers, you’ll be jointly responsible.

Sewer Ownership

CCTV surveys can

Locate blockages 1

2 Identify leaks or cracked pipes

Establish causes of subsidence 3

How it works

1 We feed a small, state-of-the-art camera into your pipework

Our engineers examine the footage and identify any problems and their location 2

3 We carry out an accurate and effective fix

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Read more about our CCTV surveys here

Common causes of blockages include

Grease, oil and food 1

2 Hair

Wipes 3

4 Foreign objects

Signs you may need a drain clean

Water is slow to drain, or does not at all 1

2 Unpleasant smells from drains

Water backups 3

4 Frequent clogs

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Read more about our drain clearance here


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