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What Is A Pre-Purchase Survey?

When buying a home, the drains are not the first thing you might think about. They’recompletely hidden from your view and you’ll probably be more interested in the immediate condition of the house and your plans for a future there. However, the optimal function of your drains is key to your home and can be vital to any prospective purchase.

Spotting Potential Issues Before A Purchase

There are several ways in which your drains can be compromised, including through blockages, root ingress, cracked piping and collapsed drains. These are the kinds of things which would be a problem for anyone but for potential buyers it would be a nightmare to have to fix these problems if they are only discovered once the purchase is complete.

As such, many mortgage companies, in an effort to lend responsibly, will insist on a pre-purchase drain survey being performed so that they know the finances are being given out sensibly. Drainage works can be costly so for a newly purchased property it’s imperative that there aren’t any hidden costs for the purchaser which could force them to default on a mortgage.

What Does A Survey Involve?

A closed-circuit camera is inserted into the drains of the property when you arrange for a pre-purchase survey. This gives an image feed so that any damage or blockage can be found, if there is an area which is known to be causing problems then it can be easily targeted and surveyed to help calculate a more reasonable cost for repair work.

If a problem is discovered quickly through a survey then work can be carried out there and then to solve the issue, saving time and money for all parties. Most problems can be taken care of within the same visit if found quickly.

A CCTV survey will not cause the drains being inspected any more damage, with common faults uncovered mostly due to a build-up of fat, soap scum and hair. Cracks and collapses in joints can also be detected without causing further damage, giving you an idea of any work which needs to be done.

Why Are Drain Surveys Good?

There are many advantages to a pre-purchase drain survey, the main one being that it is mandatory in some cases for one to be carried out before a mortgage will be granted by a lender. The other obvious advantage is that the issue can be dealt with much better if it is identified early. This allows any work to be carried out in the specific area without further damage to drains and pipework being caused.

For insurance purposes, a DVD of the drain footage will be provided with a pre-purchase drain survey. This can also be useful if you wish to negotiate on the price of a property, using the evidence of work which is needed to agree a reasonable reduction.

If you require drain survey services then look no further than 1st Call Drain Clearance. Our professional and friendly team are always happy to help and will provide you with any evidence of issues in your drains and pipework.

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