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What to do About Rats in Drains

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What to do About Rats in Drains

Hearing scuttling in your walls and ceilings when you’re relaxing at home can be very unnerving, and it’s usually the sign of a rodent infestation. As well as being an unpleasant experience, rodent infestations can indicate a wider issue with your drains, as well as potentially causing further damage down the line. In this article, we’ll look at what you should do if you suspect there are rats in your drain system.



How to tell if rats are in your drains

Scratching sounds are a common sign of a rodent infestation, but there are several other indicators that will tip you off to the presence of unwelcome guests. Look out for things like signs of gnawing on the walls – this can take the form of scratches or even holes – as well as rat droppings on the floor, particularly near drainage areas like toilets and sinks. Further inspection may reveal a nest, although it’s rare to see a rat nest out in the open rather than in the drains. 


How do rats get into my property?

It’s alarmingly easy for rats to climb up our drains and into our homes. They can scuttle up any pipe, and their ribs are hinged at the spine, which allows them to squeeze through even the smallest of openings. They can also get into our homes through the eaves in the building or the property’s foundations – in semi-detached or terraced homes, they may be getting into your home via your neighbour’s house and vice versa. 


What do I do about the rats in my drains?

If there are rats in your drains, it’s likely that your drains are broken somewhere. Collapsed drains are an open invitation to rats – they’ll get into the system and make a nest there, as drains are a perfect environment for what they need. So, the first thing you’ll need to do is arrange for a CCTV drain survey – these thorough inspections will locate the drainage issue easily, so further action can be taken. 

To get rid of the rats themselves, you may consider using bait or traps. Traps are available in lethal and non-lethal variations, and you can buy poisoned bait, should you so wish. If you’re unsure about how to go about removing a rodent infestation, contact a professional pest control company who can advise you on the best course of action. 


If you’re concerned about a rat infestation in your drainage system, or there’s a different issue with your drains, contact 1st Call Drain Clearance today for an expert resolution. From CCTV surveys to drain pressure jetting, we’re here to ensure your drains are working safely and efficiently at all times. For more information, contact us today. 



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